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Fabrication and Welding

Our team of highly skilled coded welders, operate to standards including BS 4515-1:2009, API 1104 and ASME 9. Our welders are regularly monitored to ensure quality and competency.

The photo below shows an example of the type of work we can do on site: a double stopple operation carried out with Group 1 P9 Hot Tap Tees, fully welded under line pressure with a pipe wall thickness below 4.9mm.

Our standards are equally applicable to varying steel pipeline diameters, wall thicknesses and pressure ranges.

PMC have the capability to construct intricate steel pipework fabrications off-site at our depots in Ambergate and Hitchin.

We regularly weld on live mains (hot tapping). Prior to hot tapping, we identify wall thickness and grade to ensure suitability via sampling of the pipe material.

Our welders and welding inspectors also carry out on-site repairs and planned works to existing pipelines and plant.

We also have in-house radiography inspections services, which support our off-site fabrication works.

We can advise on design detail and support any installation work. 

Where required, quality assurance packages are issued to the customer. This includes: welding inspection report, weld acceptance sheet, coating inspections daily form and any manufacture's certification.


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