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Painting Coating and Wrapping

PMC’s Ambergate depot hosts the largest blast and paint facility within National Grid.

Recently built, its specification includes booth doors that are four meters wide and a 25 tonne crane. This means we can accommodate the largest items such as bath heaters and pig traps filters. The facility is a fully controlled environment, and the team ensure a very quick turnaround.

The blast and paint team includes painting inspectors and coating inspectors. They have a combined experience of over 70 years and can re-life virtually anything that can fit onto the network. Being on site in Ambergate means there is a full resource to confirm the health of an item and to quickly rectify any faults that are found.

Our painting and coating techniques range from hand painting a 1” plug to spray painting a 48” pig trap with a 54” closure and everything in between. 




Preferred Services Display: 


  • Brush and spray painting

    We utilise a combination of painting

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