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Mechanical maintenance

PMC conducts a full range of mechanical maintenance across the gas pipeline network.

Valves can usually be repaired without decommissioning the pipeline.

Our expert team have developed specialist repair techniques that often eliminate the need for expensive valve replacements.

Leaders in pipeline maintenance

Our expertise includes:

 - Flushing and sealing techniques using existing valve connections.
 - Sealant-vent plug adaption carried out where bling plugs are tted.
 - Vent-sealant line replacement.
 - Repair and replacement of actuators and extension tubes.
 - Stem seal leak repairs.
 - Re-validation and pressure testing are both undertaken on site.

Preferred Services Display: 


  • Ball Valve Maintenance / replacement

    Ball valve maintenance and

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  • Gearbox repair and maintenance

    We have extensive knowledge of the different types of gearboxes

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  • Pipe Fitting

    PMC fit the full range of pipeline materials and diameters.

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  • Plug Valve Maintenance and Replacement

    At PMC we have extensive knowledge of the

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  • Repair and Replacement of Actuators and Extension Tubes

    We can repair and replace actuaries and

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  • Re-Validation and Pressure Testing of Valves

    If the valves can be removed from the

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  • Sealant and vent plug adaption

    Sealant and vent plug adaption turns the

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  • Stem Seal Leak Repairs

    To fix stem seal leak repairs we have

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  • Valve Flushing and Sealing Techniques

    We use a range of different products and

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  • Vent and sealant line replacement

    We can undertaken replacement of vent and

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