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Inspection services

PMC provide a wide range of pipeline and asset inspection services such as visual inspection, corrosion measurement, corrosion rectification along with non- destructive testing, hydrostatic testing, radiography and phased array.

PMC has also invested in a number of 3D laser scanners which will eventually replace the traditional P11 inspection.
The hand held laser scanner is a system for increasing the efficiency of pipeline damage measurements. Its use improves safety of technicians by reducing the time spent in excavations and it also improves the reporting of pipeline damage/defect condition.

Aerial surveys

PMC conducts aerial surveys to detect any activity on the ground that may be a threat to the pipeline. PMC operates a fleet of helicopters along with a crew of pilots to plan and deliver the schedule of surveys. Pipelines are patrolled at 185 km/h and 500 feet.

Preferred Services Display: 


  • 3D Laser Scanner

    Save time, money and increase your data accuracy with the 3D laser scanner for pipeline inspections.  

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  • Corrosion and mechanical damage inspections and assessment

    PMC has trained technicians and engineers that

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  • Non destructive testing

    PMC conducts a full suite of non destructive testing methods

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  • Pig Launch and Receive trolley hire

    PMC provide launch and receive trolleys to load

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  • Painting Inspections

    At our Ambergate site we have two full

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  • Phased Array

    PMC used phased array when inspecting difficult to reach pipes that cannot be inspected by the usual X-ray methods.

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  • Pig Tracking and Monitoring

    We offer pig tracking services: our technicians

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  • PSSR Inspections

    The requirements of the Health and Safety

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  • Radiography

    Radiography After any welding, these are

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  • Visual asset surveys

    PMC has the capability to undertake visual

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  • Welding Inspections

    Our team of inspectors will ensure

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