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CEME - Emergency Response

PMC operates a 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency response service for a range of pipeline operators. This
is commonly known as the CEME Scheme (Centralised Emergency Materials and Equipment).

Customers include gas transmission and distribution network owners, power stations, oil and multi-fuel pipeline owners.

In an emergency situation, PMC are the team you can trust to respond. Our engineers are strategically placed across mainland Britain and have access to vast array of equipment.


As a “CEME” members, you benefit from our aggregated stock and have access to all of the materials and specialist equipment we hold across our strategically placed depots. Our stock includes:

  • Pre-tested pipe stock;
  • Transition pieces;
  • Bends;
  • High pressure sealing elements;
  • Split tees;
  • Epoxy sleeves;
  • Repair clamps;
  • Large diameter flow stop epoxy tees;
  • Epoxy tee branch seals.


Our equipment is pre-tested and stock managed so that we can provide rapid response in the event of an emergency.

Our equipment and materials can be utilised across a full range of diameters and pressures.

Access to our specialist equipment includes:

- Tapping machines;
- Stopple equipment;
- IRIS stops;
- PE Squeeze of equipment.

Contact us now to find out how to become a member of our scheme.

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Case studies

Find out how we react in emergency.
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