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Under pressure operations

PMC provide a range of activities which can be utilised under pressure.

We offer a complete flowstopping service for planned and emergency operations on a full range of diameters and materials across all pressure ranges (LDN, LTS, NTS).
These include steel, cast and ductile iron and PE systems at all pressure ranges up to 100 Bar on pipelines up to 48” diameter.
We utilise various stopple techniques such as:

• PE squeeze off;
• IRIS stop;
• Bag off technology;
• Fixed head stopple;
• Bifurcated stopple;
• Bond and Bolt.

We also undertake under-pressure drilling for all diameter and material limits up to 100 Bar and 48” diameter.

Preferred Services Display: 


  • Bag off

    PMC conducts bag off flowstopping activities

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  • Bond and Bolt

    Reduce excavation costs with this new flow stopping technique.  

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  • Stopple Operations

    PMC conduct a complete flowstopping service for planned and emergency operations.

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  • Below 7 bar flowstop

    We can provide flow stopping services for

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  • PE Drilling/Branch Saddles

    We can provide a range of services for

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  • Squeeze Off

    We offer the squeeze off services up to 7 bar

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  • Vacuum saddles

    Working in partnership with GPS, we now offer

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  • Under Pressure Drilling

    PMC have a full range of drilling machines. 

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