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Pipeline repairs

PMC conduct pipeline repairs on a full range of diameters and materials across all pressure ranges (LDN, LTS, NTS).

In the case of a suspected pipeline defect, our trained technicians can carry out an on-site assessment of the defect. Information is then sent back to a mechanical defect assessor who will calculate the severity of the damage and make recommendations.

We offer permanent epoxy sleeve repairs, suitable for non-leaking pipeline defects such as dents, gouges, cracks, corrosion or a combination of these.

Sleeves can be manufactured quickly and to your specification. Welding is not required on epoxy sleeves, this minimises risk and allows the process to be performed without gas interruption.

In most cases, the repaired area is stronger than the adjacent defect-free pipe.

PMC have also developed a technique to repair leaking end seals on nitrogen sleeves.

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