Below 7 bar flowstop

Below 7 bar flowstop

Below 7 bar flowstop

Below 7 Bar flowstop

We can provide flow stopping services for either planned or emergency operations, covering a wide range of pressures, materials and diameters.  We can also advise on the most suitable technique for the customers’ requirements. 

PMC’s Below 7bar Flow Stopping capability include the following;

Low Pressure bagging off on both metallic and PE mains, typically up to 75mbar, 630mm diameter PE and 36” metallic.

Medium pressure bagging off using IRIS stop equipment - this is for planned flow stop operations on cast iron, ductile iron and steel mains on pipe diameters ranging from 14 inch up to and including 48 inch.

Medium Pressure flowstopping using the Shortstop 60 on metallic mains.

MDPE Squeeze off operations up to 500mm PE for both Low Pressure and Medium Pressure.

PE100 Squeeze off operations on Durapipe and Profuse.

HDPE (7bar) squeeze off operations 180mm to 315mm.

Metallic Flow Stopping up to 7bar and 48”diameter, using ShortStopp II, TDW 1220, Ipsco large diameter folding stopple.

PE Stopple using the TDW short stop II for medium pressure, 250mm – 355mm diameter. 

Some of our innovative flow stopping techniques offer additional benefits to the customer such as; reduced excavation sizes, thus reducing the amount of excavated and waste material, reduced amount of backfill required, smaller excavation foot print which minimises the effect on any working space restrictions such as street works and safer working conditions for operatives working in shallower excavations.