Small diameter grouted tee

PMC has developed a technique to re-life valves that will save millions across the network 

The challenge 
Thousands of valves installed before 1985 have a build up of corrosion on the vent and sealant lines that are attached to the valve. 

The traditional method to deal with a valve in this condition requires excavation to the bottom of the valve, shutting the gas off at both ends, recompressing, then replacing the valve. This takes several months, costs a significant amount and has health and safety repercussions. 

The solution 
PMC started working on a solution to combat this widespread issue that was a effecting the network. 

The result is a new innovation called the small diameter grouted tee. 

The small diameter grouted tee is attached to the vent and sealant lines, stopples are inserted into this connection and any trapped energy in the sealant line is then drained. 

Once the stopple is removed, maintenance can now take place on the valve whilst the gas stays live. 

Estimated cost saving are £100,000 per valve. 

The trial 
The small diameter grouted tee was trialled at a Compressor Station. The works were of a time critical nature. This meant there was significant pressure on the innovation being a success. If it was a success, it could potentially reduce costs by £8million. 

The trial was a success.