Lapping tool

PMC developed a tool to repair valves that is saving millions across the network 

The challenge
PMC were engaged to investigate a leaking stem seal on a 30” pig trap at an AGI.

On removing the stem seal it was visibly evident that it had been leaking for some time, causing significant scoring/corrosion through the leak path area.

The traditional method was to cut out and replace the valve. This would have involved recompressing the line which incurs significant costs.

The solution
PMC developed a repair method that avoided the need to replace the valve.

The solution was a lapping tool that fits the stem seal area and then re-grind the sealing face of the site valve.

The trial
PMC procured an identical valve to the one on site. The valve was stripped down and the seal face of the stem seal was damaged to simulate site conditions. The lapping tool was designed, manufactured and tested on the valve.

The end result was a success and the lapping tool has been used many times to repair and recover valves, making significant savings across the business.