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Leaders in pipeline maintenance

Pipelines Maintenance Centre, commonly known as “PMC” was established in 1975 as the emergency response unit, servicing the national and local network of gas pipelines.

Today, our technicians and engineers continue to work across the pipeline network from strategically positioned depots in England, Scotland and Wales. We have developed such a large portfolio of specialist skills and experience that we are considered the leading authority on emergency and planned solutions in the field of pipeline repair, replacement, maintenance and intervention.

Our expertise spans a wide range of materials and pressures used in both Gas Transmission and Distribution. We undertake works as Principal Contractor, contractor and sub-contractor.

Our focus on safety and commitment to protecting the environment is our top priority. 

We have established key relationships with customers and stakeholders and work with each customer to understand their issues and needs and develop bespoke solutions. 

Leaders in innovation

We are constantly innovating and creating solutions that benefit our clients. We regularly create bespoke solutions for specific pipeline issues and work in conjunction with design contractors to undertake design approvals.

Some examples of recent innovations include the following:

  • Vent and sealant line epoxy repair technique. An in-house innovation that allows repair to the valve while the gas stays live, resulting in significant savings.
  • Sealant point epoxy support, a process that installs an epoxy support base around a below ground sealant point adaption to provide support during reinstatement.
  • Lapping tool. This is a repair method that avoids the need to replace a valve. This has been used multiple times to repair and recover valves, resulting in significant savings.

Click here to view some examples of our innovations.

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Quality Assurance

PMC offer a full range of Quality Assurance and Quality Control services, from the preparation of Quality Plans and Inspection & Test Plans, to front line Inspection, carried out by our team of qualified Inspection personnel.

Documentation and inspections can be tailor made to cover a specific scope of work and ensure compliance with the range of governing code, specifications and procedures, used to control and assure the integrity of the work.

Our Inspectors and Quality Engineers have an excellent range of experience in Oil, Gas and Power generation, to mention just a few major industries, with all personnel gaining internationally accepted qualifications that allow them to perform their work to the highest level.

PMC can offer the facility to provide skilled Inspectors covering all NDE processes and a team of technicians that can complete hydrostatic testing in a safe and secure environment.

Our Ambergate facility has at a state of the art coating shop that can deliver both coating and painting efficiently and to the highest level of quality, manned by personnel who have achieved high level qualification in their field of expertise.

As a result of any work that PMC carry out, the team supply a range of verification documents that supports the work, however, such quality assurance & control documents can again be tailor made to suit the Clients own specifications, should the Client require.

At the end of each Project PMC provide a range of documents deliverables, set out in line with a detailed index covering all work activities, this data provided in a suitably presented and comprehensive job completion files.